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YOUTH Silky Pile Pullover Teddy Bear - FINAL SALE

True Grit


Seriously, the title is not misleading. If you don't already own a Pile Pullover yourself, you probably know someone who does. These things are the most sought-after items on the cold-weather market, and for good reason. Crafted from 100% Polyester and using only the finest materials, True Grit has put together the softest sherpas on the market. And now, they are finally available for your kids to enjoy as well. This YOUTH Silky Pile Pullover Teddy Bear has the same classic True Grit sherpa feel, but now features an adorable hood to keep your child's head warm throughout the winter months.

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Need a little more information? Here are some helpful specs:


  • 100% Polyester
  • Full zipper front
  • Adorable teddy bear style hood
  • Machine wash
  • Appropriate for ages 4-14
  • Small fits approximately: Age 4-7; Weight 45-65 lbs; Chest 28-30"; Height 48-52.5"
  • Medium fits approximately: Age 7-9; Weight 60-85 lbs; Chest 29-32"; Height 53-57"
  • Large fits approximately: Age 9-14; Weight 80-105 lbs; Chest 31-35"; Height 58-63"
    YOUTH Silky Pile Pullover Teddy Bear in Winter White by True Grit

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