Tide & Peak Outfitters: GET OUTSIDE!

Tide & Peak Outfitters About Us
Tide & Peak Outfitters is the online destination for people who believe that being "outdoorsy" means more than just "drinking outside on patios." We spend most of our lives staring at screens, from our phones to tablets to our work laptops. The fortunate, paradoxical side effect of this technology addiction is the resulting generational wave to actually GET OUTSIDE and enjoy what this country has to offer. If you enjoy the occasional sun on your face and wind in your hair, then we're on the same wavelength.

Even though it doesn't hurt, you don't have to be an adventure gear tech guru to appreciate Tide & Peak. We feature your favorite, heavy-hitting lifestyle and outdoor brands, and as our catalog grows, you'll be able to find everything from base camp essentials to logo hats. We hope that our focus on user-generated photos and real-life imagery resonates with the internet community as much as it does with us. Nothing beats seeing original, well-made products getting the job done in the wild!