True Grit: Frosty Tip Pullovers, Pebble Pile Pullovers, Sherpa Pullovers, Jackets & Flannels

True Grit Frosty Tip Pullovers, Pebble Pile Pullovers & Sherpa Jackets
A lot of people might claim to have grit, but only True Grit has...true grit. OK, not a very helpful statement, so here's one that's better: True Grit stormed onto the scene with its ultra-soft, rugged-looking Frosty Tip Sherpa Pullovers, and frankly, the brand hasn't looked back. It's still the original, and it's still one of the most sought-after items on the cold-weather market. Don't do yourself a disservice, though - check out the whole line. True Grit's jackets, vests, and flannels are absolutely top-notch, and they're perfect for anyone who considers him or herself to be outdoorsy.