Classic Swim Trunks

Southern Tide


Southern Tide's name rings out from coast to coast, but it's especially well-known in the white-sanded South, where its bright colors and durable construction make it a favorite of beach-goers and casual sportsmen. Looking good - and looking like yourself - doesn't have to come at the price of comfort. Even better, these trunks fold into a pocket pouch for easy packing and travel.

Need a little more information? Here are some helpful specs:


  • 6” inseam
  • Constructed of 100% quick-dry polyester fabric
  • Mesh lining seamed at the sides for more comfort
  • Functional and stylish signature two-color rope drawstring
  • Side pockets
  • Flap rear pocket with grommet
  • Embroidered Skipjack on the lower left front
  • Folds into a zipped pocket that is ideal for travel
    Southern Tide Classic Swim Trunks Product Detail

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