Old Rip Van Winkle Needlepoint Belt

Smathers and Branson


When it comes to needlepoint products, you cannot beat the craftsmanship and attractiveness of Smathers & Branson. They truly are in a league of their own, as their product stitchers are hand selected to meet the highest of quality standards. This Old Rip Van Winkle Belt is finished with full grain, chestnut colored leather and features a solid brass buckle. Featuring the classic Old Rip logo and alternating bourbon bottles, this limited production belt may be about as rare as a bottle of Pappy itself! Keep in mind: Smathers & Branson belts are 2 inches larger than your pants waist size. For example, someone whose pants have a 36 inch waist wears a 38 inch belt. When the waist is an odd size, increase the belt size by 3 inches (i.e. a size 33 wears a size 36 belt).

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Need a little more information? Here are some helpful specs:


    • Hand-stitched needlepoint belt
    • .25” in width
    • Finished with full grain, chestnut colored leather
    • Solid brass buckle
    • Elegantly packaged in a handmade wooden gift box
Old Rip Van Winkle (Pappy Van Winkle) Needlepoint Belt

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