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RunRunner Leggings

Krass and Co.


Krass & Co Runrunner leggings deliver the quality and the comfort of yoga pants you'd expect to pay well over $100 for. They are crafted from a premium nylon and spandex hybrid blend thats made for serious stretch, recovery and overall comfort. These leggings are cottony sofy, breathable, feature a four way stretch and are moisture wicking making them ideal for a long run or a day spent hiking in the wilderness.

Need a little more information? Here are some helpful specs:


      • Nylon/Spandex hybrid fabric blend
      • Soft, sweat wicking, breathable and 4 way stretch
      • Krass heat shield on back of the waistband
      • Secret pocket built into the waistband for keys or cards
    krass and co leggings


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